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The owner and program director at Legacy Gym, Jon Jon Park has long been recognized as one of the top tier trainers in Los Angeles. A former Olympic swimmer, champion body builder and dedicated fitness professional, he has designed conditioning programs for people at all levels from world class athletes to business leaders to stay-at-home moms. His process begins with a comprehensive body, lifestyle and structural evaluation that is used as a tool to determine an individual's challenges and opportunities. He then designs an overall exercise and lifestyle map that includes a training schedule, nutritional recommendations and an evaluation followup to help his clients reach their health and fitness goals.

MAK Takano is the Fitness Director and partner at Legacy Gym. He has over 30 years of experience as a fitness trainer at top fitness facilities around the world. Also, he worked as the Athletic and Strength Coach at the University of Redlands, where he received his B.A. in Physical Education with emphasis in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology and M.A. in Psychology. He customizes individual programs for clients of all levels from beginners to professional athletes' fitness conditioning to improve muscle tone, strength, stamina and flexibility to increase range of motion and movement also taken from his study of oriental myofascial meridian flow and martial arts. He is currently and has trained world class professional athletes such as Oscar De La Hoya, Miyata and BJ Penn. Mak is also a recommended Physical Fitness Trainer by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and mentored by the great Legend Reg Park.

Rick Barke - Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Legacy Gym Partner
• Fifteen years of experience (13 years with current company).
• Familiarity with people of all ages & fitness levels.
Specializing in high intensity circuit training for improved strength and cardiovascular conditioning together. These two components of fitness go hand in hand and should be trained as such. Experience with body image issues and eating disorders as they relate to exercise."I believe in deemphasizing weight, body fat, and supplementation. Goals should be about leading a healthy active lifestyle. Eating real healthy whole foods. The way your body feels will be your barometer for life!

Stephanie McCusker is originally from Lisbon, Maine. Stephanie has been a competitive athlete for over 16 years in track and field, gymnastics and soccer. Her success in high school track and field earned her a scholarship to a Division I university where she was able to continue her life as a student/athlete. Competing in long jump, triple jump, and the short sprints for the University of Maine, Stephanie collected awards throughout her career including a first place finish at the 2004 New England Outdoor Championships in long jump, a second place finish in long jump and third place finish in triple jump at the 2004 Indoor America East Championships. Stephanie graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology – Health Fitness including an internship experience in Strength and Conditioning Coaching at Velocity Sports Performance.


The Sean Kneebone Difference combining individualized strength & conditioning with corrective therapies!

It takes a more committed approach to your health, extending beyond just personal training. I recognize that your training program is often only part of the solution and therefore assess and address other health related issues that you may have previously experienced or currently experiencing. Whether it is posture related due to your work or lifestyle, a sporting or workplace injury, orthopedic condition etc, corrective exercises may be incorporated within your program to enhance and ensure optimum results are reached and maintained. With my highly skilled approach and 20+ years experience, as a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, combined with Olympic Athletic Coaching experience, I'm able to reassess your program at every stage, you are assured that your training will be as individual as you are.

WHAT I OFFER A postural and bio mechanical assessment that allows each client to have a unique program implemented to address specific muscular skeletal needs. This may include comprehensive rehabilitation program for chronic conditions or post surgery rehabilitation. I provide postural and corrective exercise techniques within your general strength & conditioning program.

NUTRITION & DIETETICS Specific, nutritional advice which will assist in fat loss, increased muscle mass and general well being. I look forward to making your goal my goal!

Dana Vatanpour has been one of L.A.'s top fitness professionals since 1989 and is a Partner at Legacy Gym. His formal education is from the University of Southern California where he received a Bachelors degree In Exercise Science. He is certified as a trainer and a post rehabilitation trainer and has been a consultant to Advanced Chiropractic Group, providing post rehab services for their patients.

Cliff Simon is truly a citizen of the world and brings an international passion to his work as a fitness professional. He was born in South Africa but attended finishing school in London where he was a member of the British International Swim team and qualified for the Olympics in the breaststroke and the butterfly. He returned to South Africa from the UK to serve in the Air Force. Upon completion of his two year commitment, Cliff trained as an acrobatic dancer, and performed all over the world including shows at the world famous Moulin Rouge in Paris. After studying martial arts and working out at the Reg Park gym in South Africa, Cliff moved to the United States in 2000 and where he perfected his skills as a personal trainer under the guidance of the International Sports Science Association. Reconnecting with his former swim training partner Jon Jon Park, Cliff was a trainer at World Private Exercise and is now a proud member of the exclusive Legacy training community. And if all of that is not enough, Cliff specializes in kiteboarding and he is a rescue scuba diver.

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Born and raised in Canada, Lisette Lee Baca grew up in a competitive, athletic family. She participated in sports from a young age, including gymnastics, martial arts, English horse riding, and of course hockey, and settled on her greatest passion: dance. She is trained in both South Indian Classical Dance (Bharata Natyam) and Latin International Ballroom. With over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and with certifications from the Aerobics Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and Canadian Fitness Management Association (CFMA), Lisette enjoys assisting others in achieving their fitness goals through a Whole Person approach. She says that "knowing the self on all levels of fitness, from the inside out, is a trustworthy recipe for achieving and maintaining success!"

WHAT LISETTE OFFERS Lisette maintains the fitness philosophy that "the body-mind-spirit connection creates an experience of vitality, strength, peace, and well-being." She helps her clients tap into these 3 Core Elements to release their inner power and live a healthier and higher quality of life. In her Whole Person fitness approach, Lisette will work with you to release the old and receive the new. She will help you see the best in everything you do and adapt a Gratitude Consciousness. Your workouts will be goal-oriented, mindful and fun!

CHANGE FROM THE INSIDE OUT Lisette believes that "self-empowerment is activated from within, allowing an Energetic –Vibrational Shift to take place. When an authentic change happens from inside, it is then reflected on the outside; as the internal landscape transforms, so does the external." Lisette looks forward to helping you transform into the best version of yourself.

Harrison Ashdown (Harri) was born and raised in London, United Kingdom, where he earned his personal training certification (REPS Level 3). A life-long athlete who played rugby and soccer, Harri also had a talent for cricket and he represented his country for two years competing in the game. He comes to Legacy Gym as a legacy himself. The son of Vaughn Ashdown, a successful international bodybuilder and one of Reg Park's students, Harri was awarded an internship in Los Angeles at Legacy Gym to complement his education in nutrition at Santa Monica College. With plans to transfer to a four year college in pursuit of a degree in Human Performance, Harri has been working for Legacy Gym for over 2 years. He assists Jon Jon with training and nutrition for his clients and they now train clients together remotely via Skype. A firm believer that training efforts must include proper diet, Harri has achieved recognition at the gym for the positive results his clients have garnered.

James Gisondo, a former Mr. California, founded Dynamic Bodies, an exercise consulting company, over 20 years ago, in Santa Monica, CA. He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal law from SUNY, Utica/Rome, NY, as well as continuing education classes in nutrition and exercise science from Santa Monica college and UCLA. Mr. Gisondo is a certified master trainer (NASM, ACE, AFAA) who began training celebrity clients for Arnold Schwarzenager in 1983. He continues to expand his knowledge in the fitness industry by attending seminars and classes in all aspects of the health and wellness field. Mr. Gisondo is also a certified golf instructor through the Swing Reaction System and a self- taught golfer with a single digit handicap.

His client list includes some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, corporate executives, and sport personalities. He has developed individual fitness programs as well as designing and equipping in-home gyms for various clients. He was a nutritional counselor at Gold’s Gym, Venice, for four years designing individual nutritional (eating) programs for a variety of clientele. For eight years he worked for Gold’s Gym corporate headquarters in the franchising department, evaluating and visiting over 500 licensed locations around the United States. He has also directed and managed corporate wellness facilities at Skadden Arps Esq., for three years, designing fitness and wellness programs for the entire staff.

Five years ago James Gisondo co- founded a fitness equipment company called ARC International. This line of patented fitness equipment called the Calf Master is being used in multiple arenas in the fitness industry from gyms and fitness centers, to Physical Therapy clinics, Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Hotels, Corporate gyms, Wellness centers, and home gyms.

Mr. Gisondo continues to teach his unique and variegated training techniques to his many clients at Golds Gym, Venice, CA. He trains his clients in various surrounding including in home and outdoor settings. His motivation is train smart, train right, eat right and then train hard. His unique approach has attracted many individuals (as well as other trainers) in that he not only utilizes standard fitness equipment but has also developed a unique approach to training through his twenty years of experience and education. Mr. Gisondo incorporates a wide variety of trainings protocols for each individual client. He does this through an assessment evaluation form that must be completed prior to starting any fitness and/or wellness program with Dynamic Bodies. After reviewing the assessment an individual fitness and wellness program is designed and tailored to each individual’s fitness and wellness goals. The program utilizes and incorporates many different training aids such as the swiss ball, balance tools, medicine balls, elastic bands, xercise tubing as well as stretching, traditional weightlifting and cardio training. All this must be in conjunction with a specialized eating program that is designed for each clients’ lifestyle and goals.

Call Dynamic Bodies and let Jim or one of his certified trainers help you obtain and improve how you look and feel and obtain the body you have always wanted.

James Gisondo- Former Mr. California, Certified master trainer (NASM, ACE, FMS. AFAA)


  • Background in nutrition, exercise science, health and wellness.
  • Certified golf instructor through the Swing Reaction System and a self- taught golfer with a single digit handicap.
  • Developed and patented a line of equipment for ankle and calf rehab and training called the Calf Master.
  • Evaluation and Assessment, Corrective Exercise Phase, Core Training, Balance Training, Strength Training, Cardio Training and Nutrition.

James incorporates a wide variety of training protocols for each client. He does an assessment evaluation and creates an individual fitness and wellness program. He uses cutting edge programs that ensure the safest and most effective way for clients to meet or exceed their lifestyle, fitness or performance goals.

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